Getting started - rollers for your fence


Here are the 4 easy steps to ensure you order the right amount of product for your fence.

  1. Measure your fence and gates to get linear footage

  2. Determine your fence style (bracket style)

  3. Decide on color (plain aluminum is standard/powder coating optional)

  4. Order complete kit and/or individual pieces to fulfill your measurements/color choices


NOTE: When using the Roller Calculator it asks you to enter the Linear Footage per SECTION. A section is any long run of fence that does NOT have any interruptions.

For most bracket styles, you will have 1/2" of clearance between the top of the fence and the bottom of the roller. 

For example, if you have a fence support post that rises above the top of the fence by more than this, you will need to stop the run of rollers, and pick up again on the other side. In this example, a SECTION would be between the two posts. 

A SECTION could also be a continuous run of fence along one full side of your yard (no tall posts along the way). 

Lastly, because we get asked this: No, brackets are not designed to be any higher than they are. You are trying to eliminate an animals foothold on the top of the fence, you want less space for them to get their foot between the top of the fence and the bottom of the roller, not more.


Need more info? See our HELP CENTER