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Coyote Rollers Powder Coating

Powder Coating is available on Roller and Brackets. Our "in-stock" colors are Black, White and Beige (seen below). Additionally, if a closer match to your fence color is wanted, you can select from the variety of colors we have below.

To request a flyer be mailed to you, please call Cardinal Paint at (626) 444-9274. This will allow you to match paint chips up against your fence for the best match. Colors displayed on screen and/or printed from this website are considered representative only and may vary from actual color, gloss, texture and appearance. 


If you are ordering Chain Link Brackets for powder coating, please be aware that ONLY the brackets are powder coated and the fence brace is NOT. We are unable to powder coat the braces because of how much they need to stretch when they are installed on your top rail. Installing a powder coated fence brace will cause severe scrapes, scratches, and cracking on fence braces if they were powder coated. Thank you for your understanding.

In-Stock Colors:


Special Order Colors:

For a closer look, you can download a PDF file of the available Special Order Colors shown below. 

Colors1 Colors2
Colors3 Colors4

Please note that powder coated orders are not returnable.