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4ft Coyote Roller - Colorado Coyote Rollers

4 foot Coyote Roller

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You have found the BEST protection system for your pets!
No power source needed! They spin easily with only 3oz of pressure applied!

Coyote Rollers come in 4-foot lengths and can be purchased individually, or in Kits. When you purchase individual Rollers, don't forget to also order Brackets to install them.

  • Rollers can easily be cut down to any length you need for your fence application.
  • Rollers come with End Caps pre-installed in each end (additional End Caps may be purchased if you'll need to add one to a cut end)
  • Rollers are made of Aluminum, do not rust, and support up to 250lbs in the center!
  • The Roller diameter is approx 1-3/4"
  • Rollers can be Powder Coated (optional)

Colorado Coyote Roller Measurement