Rollers for your Fence

Welcome to a simple, effective and appealing solution. Rollers don't let them get a paw-hold

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Coyotes are in your neighboorhood

they can carry 25 lbs over a 6ft fence

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Dog getting out?

keep them safe IN your yard*

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Cats want to explore

let them safely enjoy your backyard*

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What is a Coyote Roller?

The Roller system is designed as a deterrent to prevent animals from getting the foothold they need
to climb over a fence.

Rollers spin freely with only 3-ounces of pressure applied. 

It is simple, safe, humane, requires no power source, maintenance free, and constructed to last a lifetime.

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Rollers have been installed in THOUSANDS of
homes, shelters and businesses across America. 

Protect pets from coyotes 

Keep pet IN your backyard or kennel

Prevent larger birds from landing

Get the peace-of-mind you and your family deserve

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aesthetically pleasing

Blends into your fence with color options