End Cap - Colorado Coyote Rollers
End Cap - Colorado Coyote Rollers

End Cap


The only extra parts you may need, are End Caps. They are made of extremely durable, Poly Carbonite Plastic.

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These are only needed if/when you will be cutting a Roller, an End Cap will needed to be inserted at the cut end.

If you are not going to be using the piece of Roller you have cut off. You can remove the End Cap from the end by inserting the Roller into something like a broom/shovel handle, and apply force to pop out the End Cap. Only remove the End Cap after you've cut your Roller in half.

If you'll be using BOTH halves of the Roller you are cutting, you will need to purchase additional End Caps for the newly cut ends.

They fit very snug, so expect to use a rubber mallet to ensure they are in all the way.

  • End caps already come pre-installed in each Roller
  • Extra End caps come in a Fence kit automatically (quantity based on average installation)
  • Order additional based on the amount of Roller cuts you'll need to make