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Mounting Brackets

You have found the BEST protection system for your pets!
We sell 7 different Bracket styles to accommodate a variety of fence material. 

  • All brackets have a pin on both sides of the support, that insert into each Roller. (see image #1 below)
  • There is a Left and a Right bracket that help maximize the coverage at the end of your fence line. (see image #2 below)
  • One bracket will hold 2 Rollers. (see image #3 below)
  • We automatically ship 50/50 Left and Right Brackets with your order unless you specify otherwise. There is no center bracket.
  • The average spacing between the top of your fence and bottom of the Roller is approximately 3/4" - 1".
  • Brackets are made of Aluminum and will not rust.
  • Bracket hardware is made of stainless steel and comes with each Bracket ordered.
  • Brackets can be ordered in a Powder Coated color

#1       #2       #3   

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